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Creation of Sellsy self service


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Research, conception, tests


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To subscribe or renew their Sellsy subscription, users have two options: Be contacted by a sales representative or carry out the task in complete autonomy.

Self service – nouvelle formule


The autonomous journey put the users in difficulty. As a result, it was left aside in favour of a relationship with a sales representative. However, the company's strategy was to give priority to renewals in autonomy.

Research and process

We first approached Sellsy's customer support department and sales staff to collect the problems that our users were able to report.
We also conducted an audit to evaluate the experiential quality of the course.
Several points of friction were found:

A lack of information

In their opinion, users were not sufficiently informed about the end of their subscription. As a result, some accounts were blocked. Lack of renewal


A complex user journey

Users got lost in the choice of plans and modules offered by Sellsy. In addition, the electronic signature of an estimate from emails took the user out of the Sellsy environment.

So we started by completely rethinking the experience through a new user experience, but also through a new sales process.



Within the scope of the project, two main needs were identified during our research work:


Informing users upstream

Par le biais d’un système de notification Inapp et email. Les emails sont envoyés dès 30 jours avant la fin de l'abonnement


A self-supporting user journey

By simplifying interactions and guiding the user in a logical way, inspired by e-commerce standards.

We designed a user notification process so that they can be informed properly and with an easy access to the renewal tunnel.


We made the hierarchy of the information throughout the journey simpler through clearer interfaces. Making it easier to understand all Sellsy products and how to subscribe to them. Paying is made easier thanks to a system integrated directly into Sellsy.

Self service – Formule actuelle
Self service – Message envoyé
Self service – Confirmation
Self service – Choix formule
Self service – Paiment


There are two key points to remember following the deployment of self-service:
A reduced account suspension rate:
Once informed either by the interfaces or by his collaborators, the account holder is informed of the renewal date and is warned that if he does not renew in time, his account will be suspended.
Reduced support requests :
The path allows users to better understand how the Sellsy model works. The fact that they no longer have to leave the app interface to make the payment is a significant advantage in terms of fluidity and understanding of the payment tunnel.