Customer overview


Rewanp of customer overview


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Research, conception, tests


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As Sellsy developed. The customer overview, heart of the webApp, has seen the addition of numerous functionalities and cross-functional actions allowing various actions.

Customer overview


The multiple additions ended up causing many readability problems on the end user side.
So we started thinking about redesigning the customer overview with the aim of improving the overall user experience.

Research and process

We first spoke to Sellsy's support team in order to collect the various problems reported by our users.
We conducted an audit to evaluate the hierarchy of information on the page as well as an analysis of the page usage data.
This preliminary work enabled us to identify:

A lack of hierarchy of information

The main informations users were looking for were not highlighted.

Unused actions

User data and feedback revealed actions that were rarely, or never, used by the users.


Thanks to all the research work, we have completely rebuilt the layout of the page. The actions considered useless thanks to the data collection and card sorting have been removed
We also introduced some new ways to take action on a customer overview

Customer overview – add task
Customer overview – add mail
Customer overview – Task 1
Customer overview – add event
Customer overview – note 2
Customer overview – Task 1

Activity modules with add and visualization components. They compose the activity timeline, the heart of the customer overview

Customer overview – invoice
Customer overview – maps

The customer overview also have deep links with other objects in the the Webapp like the map and an access to all .pdf invoices


Following the release of the new page, support requests concerning the customer file have been reduced by approximately 80%. Only a few users were experiencing difficulties in getting used to the new interfaces. These difficulties allowed us to better support the change for future projects through user Onboarding and more advanced presentations.